• Bonnie Brick

    Bonnie Brick

    The heavy-hitter of heavy hitters, no one can land a maul to the face quite like her.
  • Kaela al-Ahspat

    Kaela al-Ahspat

    An Ahspat-blessed priestess in training, she heals and wields a mean whip. She's also strangely lucky...
  • Kate Cooper

    Kate Cooper

    A dagger-throwing mistress of pick-pocketing and lying.
  • Raquel Dee

    Raquel Dee

    A speed demon, capable of lightening-fast staff attacks and a pretty tip-toe on the dance floor.
  • Tanya McCall

    Tanya McCall

    A beautiful face with a beguiling voice, she's skilled in everything from politics to persuasion.
  • Zakia Ak'beth

    Zakia Ak'beth

    An Ek'drth-touched spider priestess capable of wall crawling and becoming a swarm of spiders.
  • Celestine


    A fairy godmother-type gone wrong. One wave of the magic wand, and you'll be wearing new shoes.
  • Duchess Akassa

    Duchess Akassa

    A sorceress big into mind reading. Don't give her a reason to suspect you need to read.
  • Emyth Emerald

    Emyth Emerald

    A green dragon from Talosia. She got one hell of an appetite, so stay on her good side.
  • Lady Daphne

    Lady Daphne

    The owner of the Bright Eaves Home for Children.
  • Lollial


    The wicked witch of the Western Reaches. She boils, she toils.
  • Philadoña


    A rare breed of vampire from Ilia. Apparently, young blood is best.
  • Skar Madtooth

    Skar Madtooth

    Matron of the Orcish Madtooth clan. She's been known to say that bones make the best toothpicks.